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Baby transport generally refers to the mode of transportation that is involved in carrying infants from one place to another. There are different forms of baby transport such as baby carrier, baby carriage, stroller, etc. A baby carrier also known as 'child carrier' is used for the purpose of carrying a child on the body of an adult. Some of the famous child carriers are hip carriers, baby slings, back pack etc. Although these carriers are comfortable in carrying new born infants, it is not the same as they grow up. Hence in order to cater to this need, Baby carriage and strollers are being used by many as a mode of baby transportation.

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A baby carriage, also being termed as 'perambulator' in some parts of the world is mainly used for carrying new born babies and it has the facility of having the infants lying down facing the pusher. In order to add elegance, many people prefer purchasing vintage baby carriage which is generally made up of wood which is held together by a high quality brass joints. The early brands of baby carriages are named as duchess, princess and Windsor. They now fall under the category of vintage baby carriage after the evolution of modern baby carriages that is mainly made up of thermosetting plastic materials. There are many antique baby carriage dealers who help us in purchasing vintage baby carriage.

Another kind of baby transport is known as strollers which are used for carrying a child who is about 2.5-3 years old and is also known as push chairs. The child can be placed in a sitting position facing forward instead of facing the pusher. A vintage stroller is made up of wood with cushions placed at the sitting position of the baby lined and the outline of the strollers is generally made of brass.

Like the availability of baby carriages dealer, there are many antique baby strollers dealer available online and from them the vintage baby stroller can be purchased. As a result of modernization, the facilities and features of baby carrier, baby carriage and strollers are now being combined thus resulting in the development of a multi facility 3 in 1 baby transportation.